In Mid Cheshire alone, there are 15 scout groups and 6 Explorer Scout Units, resulting in nearly 1500 members. However, many young people in the U.K. want to be involved with scouting, but cannot due to large waiting lists, which exist simply because there aren’t enough adult volunteers. In Mid Cheshire, we have nearly 100 individuals who should be able to join Beavers, Cubs and Scouts, but instead are just on a waiting list, hoping to get a space.

With more volunteers, we can expand our capacity, and allow more young people to experience scouts!

And did you know that not all volunteers are leaders who attend our section meetings every week? Scouting allows you to volunteer flexibly, so if you can only do 1 hour a month, or would like to do 2 hours a week, we have a role that will work around your schedule!

So please email the district commissioner (dc@midcheshire.co.uk) for a chat about being a volunteer.

14-18 year olds

Are you trying to find somewhere to do your ‘volunteering’ section for your Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) award? Whether you are a members of scouts already, or someone entirely new to scouting, we would very much appreciate your help. You will receive our Module A training from our Young Leaders Scheme, which will be needed to validate your DofE.

Volunteering with us as a Young Leader is highly rewarding and enjoyable, and if you decide to continue volunteering after your DofE time is complete, you will be able to do more of our Young Leaders Scheme, which can be used for further levels of the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme. Also, on completion of the Young Leaders Scheme, you are able to gain recognition from the Institute of Leadership and Management, which can look fantastic on your CV!

To find out more and to become a young leader, please email the District Explorer Scout Commissioners (desc@midcheshire.co.uk)